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"Cassidy was (and is) wonderful. When I started, my shoulder was killing me. Her work did wonders; shoulder is now as good as before my injury. Truly wonderful."
Nov 06, 2020
"I am very happy with the physical therapy care I received at Fyzical. My physical therapist, Cassidy Hing, was not only supremely knowledgeable about her profession, but extremely kind, gentle, understanding and encouraging with me as well... My results at the end of my sessions far exceeded my expectations, and I will never forget the humanity and personal care shown towards me at a particularly difficult time in my life. I very highly recommend both Fyzical and Ms. Hing to anyone who needs physical therapy..."
Oct 28, 2020
"Dr. Jane Meads Fyzical Therapy & Balance Center is amazing! The staff is incredibly efficient and polite. There are a multitude of state of the art machines designed to develop & correct specific needs. I have used many of them! Janes hands on approach is what I really like though. Its like she can see inside by feeling and looking at the outside of a body. She educates as she works. I have learned a great deal about my injury and how the body syncs together to adapt for the good or to accommodate for the bad. The PT has helped with pain and posture. The education has taught me to realign as I heal. Jane and her staff are very thorough, professional, knowledgeable and personable. I highly recommend Fyzical!"
Oct 27, 2020
"I am really happy that I came to FYZICAL-Glendale. They are excellent at what they do for you. I highly recomend them. "
Oct 26, 2020
"Can not say enough GOOD things about Jane, Cassidy & staff. They are extremely knowledgeable, encouraging, patient & kind! Cassidy has been a major reason for my improved physical & positive mental condition, They have helped me stay on my feet & walking despite numerous health issues & disabilities. Carmila Is a pleasure when making appointments & keeping all correspondence clear & concise. Thank you FYZICAL! "
Oct 14, 2020
"I came here looking for help with my POTS issues and general weakness. So far they have been so kind and caring, Dr Cassidy is an Angel and listened to all my issues and concerns with so much compassion! Dr Jane and Carmella go out of their way to make us feel comfortable and cared for, too. I know in my heart that I found my PT family and I’m looking forward getting strong again with their help!"
Oct 14, 2020
"I have been Jane's patient, off and on, for several years. Recently, I had been suffering with vertigo. I was failing fast when I came to see Jane. After 5 visits I have my life back! Thank you, Jane and your wonderful staff. Barbara R."
Oct 13, 2020
"I had horrible Vertigo for 6 nights in a row on my 6th evening I started looking on line for some answers and Solutions and came across FYZICAL and made an appointment to see jane the next day! And yes! It helped me so much!!! I couldn’t believe it! I was still light headed but nothing like it was before! She was very patient with me took her time and even did a Facetime (telehealth) visit with me a day after to do it one more time since a doctor did it with me and kind of made it worst then it was! So jane made it better again over the phone! Then the following day it was completely gone!!! I highly recommend jane she knows what she is doing! And doing it well! I also got a great pillow from her that I feel different when I sleep on it in a good way! And prices out of pocket are so reasonable!!! "
Oct 09, 2020
"Not knowing this was a physical therapy office, I came to doctor Jane Mead’s office to order my foot levelers. Doctor Mead warmly welcomed me, listened to my problem and assured I should definitely get a pair for myself. Furthermore, she gave me a free consultation and even provided with a treatment their office offers, which actually led to an immediate positive results. So I ended up ordering the levelers and waiting for an appointment to see doctor Mead for my recovery plan and actual treatment. Will definitely recommend her to my family members and friends. Believe me, I’ve been through every single kind of therapy, but nothing actually helped. Besides, doctor Mead has a very positive energy. Looking forward to seeing her again."
Oct 09, 2020
"I came into Fyzical with a hip flexor injury that affected me on and off the field. Jane quickly diagnosed what was wrong and began fixing the root of the issue. Her knowledge about how the body worked really made me feel confident that I came to the right place. With Jane and Cassidy's help, I was able to get back into my soccer training at full strength. I am grateful for Fyzical Therapy!"
Oct 01, 2020
"I am extremely grateful for the help I have received from the therapist. Cassidy is just great. With her help I learned how to walk properly . The pain in my muscles is almost gone. I give high point to everyone in the office for their cooperation and understanding ."
Sep 23, 2020
"I’ve never been to PT before and am pleasantly surprised to find it effective. It is a relief to have more normal days than ones accompanied by discomfort. My issue is one that involves a lot of small adjustments but Cassidy patiently talks me through them. She also knows how to relieve immediate pain. Many thanks to her and also to Carmela for explaining the intricacies of health care billing. "
Sep 08, 2020
"My son sprained his ankle and we were referred to FYZICAL Therapy. Jane started working on his posture to help his balance and stability and I've noticeably seen improvements in his overall posture when he is sitting doing school work on the computer. So thankful for the work they do!"
Aug 18, 2020
"Jane is the ABSOLUTE BEST at what she does. She cares deeply about each and every one of her patients and goes over and beyond to make sure of her patients well being. I highly recommend her. Wish I could give her more than a 5-star rating!"
Aug 06, 2020
"Jane solved a difficult pain problem in my lower back that no one else seemed to be able to figure out. I have seen her before and had similar results. She is excellent."
Jun 01, 2020
"Jane and her staff are very knowledgeable and go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable. Jane's exceptional knowledge combined with the most current technologies will allow you to get moving and feel great again. I have seen her for 2 different injuries and she has helped me tremendously. "
May 15, 2020
May 06, 2020
"Jane Mead is truly a gift to this world! She makes your mission of recovering your health her mission of recovering your health with her attention to every detail, her empathetic ear and her knowledge. Her staff are loving and caring . "
Mar 10, 2020
"Professional, excellent treatment, and extraordinary equipment. Jane is a wonderful teacher. Great faculty wonderful staff. I highly recommend this place."
Feb 17, 2020
"I have gone to Fyzical Glendale as needed for 6 years. Each time my issue was dealt with and resolved. The staff is knowledgeable, professional, and care about me as a person. I highly recommend. "
Feb 05, 2020
"I had balance problems which Jane helped a whole lot. I hurt my shoulder and Jane has been able to completely heal it!!"
Jan 23, 2020
"I have been to Fyzical Therapy and Balance for a frozen shoulder, meniscus tear, and strained hamstrings. On all three occasions, I left with no pain and total recovery. They care and design a treatment that meets your needs. In addition, they go the extra mile to make sure you're doing well and are always friendly."
Jan 18, 2020
Dec 12, 2019
"My experience at FYZICAL Therapy Center has been very positive. The physical setup has a wide range of treatment centers. The therapists are excellent and very caring."
Dec 03, 2019
Dec 03, 2019
"Great "
Nov 21, 2019
"Jane is an excellent physical therapist. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional. The staff at Fyzical office is also excellent. I highly recommend this facility to anyone in need of physical therapy."
Nov 21, 2019
"The treatment they give me is very helpful!!! All the people are very friendly, helpful, and professional."
Nov 09, 2019
"PT has been helpful. Especially useful has been emphasis on posture and correct way of sitting to reduce stress on knees when getting up. I think laser has helped, and orthotics will be good when gotten used to."
Nov 08, 2019
"The time spent with Jane was so rewarding for my body. I'm learning to sit and stand properly without pain. I'm looking forward to my return visits. Thank you, thank you."
Oct 30, 2019
"The office staff is always friendly and helpful. The physical therapy staff is knowledgeable and attentive. "
Oct 29, 2019
"I am 100% impressed with the services of Fyzical. Dr. Jane Mead is incredibly knowledgeable and instructive on fixing my bad habits. I had a rotator cuff injury which I had ignored from August until March thinking it would go away. It didn’t. My doctor sent me to Jane, and we are nearly complete in the restoration of movement and zero pain. We’re down to the final bits. Dr. Jane is very good at noting what bad habits I have developed which can lead to injury. She is helped amazingly in that aspect of recovery.. Her staff is excellent. Carmela, Mira, and Emily have all been amazing - compassionate, Knowledgeable and helpful. This is the best Physical Therapy Experience I have had, including the ones I have been involved with for parents or siblings. Highest recommendations. Five stars. "
Oct 28, 2019
"I have been seeing Jane for over 5 years. With a chronic neck condition her treatments have kept me out of the operating room. I cannot thank her enough! "
Sep 25, 2019
"Brian has been very helpful and has set up exercises for me to do at home. He showed me the correct ways to stand, sit, and walk that I'll continue to practice doing in the future. He's very patient with me."
Sep 09, 2019
"My back is feeling much better and I have relearned how to stand and walk so that I am kind to my back. I also can reach with my right arm much better and my balance is much better. I am actually feeling my core muscles working properly most of the time!"
Sep 09, 2019
"I had gone to another physical therapy office and had several injections for two herniated discs with no real improvements to my pain or mobility. Jane very methodically taught me better posture and movements while at the same time using a variety of tools, machines and hands on treatments. It took a little while but the pain has significantly subsided and my mobility is excellent. I highly recommend Jane ."
Sep 06, 2019
"This is the best place to come for some rehab and strengthening! Brian is absolutely the best. I honestly with I could have had him before for my back therapy, honestly. Thank you Fyzical and Brian. You keep me getting stronger."
Sep 06, 2019
"Jane Mead, the physical therapist, and her team are very knowledgeable about the skeletal and muscular system. This place has state of the art equipment that has been very beneficial to my progress. "
Sep 05, 2019
"The office is amazing. Everyone is so friendly. Jane knew exactly what to do to get rid of the nerve pain I was feeling after my broken wrist. Feel so much better!"
Sep 05, 2019
Sep 05, 2019
"My experience at Fyzical Glendale has been great. Jane is an amazing therapist that takes the time to listen so she can fully understand how to treat my back and hip pain. The therapy has really improved my pain. I am also learning how to make changes to my lifestyle that will help me in the long run and avoid further injuries. The entire staff is friendly and helpful and I would definitely be recommending Jane to anyone that I feel will benefit from her expertise."
Aug 30, 2019
"Extremely conscientious treatment and my progress has been remarkable."
Aug 28, 2019
"After having both hips replaced at 55 (2 years ago) I have been dealing with chronic ankle and lower back pain. Once you get rid of the pain, then you can figure out what the real problem is and how to get back on track (quote from Jane Mead) After reconnecting with Jane, she has me on the right track with no pain and on the road to recovery - This only in about 4 weeks. Did I say honest and direct? Thank you Jane! She also has an awesome staff."
Jul 30, 2019
"I'm 34 weeks pregnant with severe sciatic and femoral nerve pain. I came in thinking, I was going to get hooked up to some machine and a hot towel with some minor stretches. But NO!!! Dr. Jane Mead was so wonderful and so hands-on, I left feeling much better and with a totally different view on physical therapy."
Jul 30, 2019
"Great facility! Jane Mead is the best! She is absolutely amazing, so knowledgeable about everything! If she doesn't know something (rarely), she will the next time you see her. Friendly, warm and courteous staff!"
Jul 30, 2019
"Jane Mead is incredibly knowledgeable and kind! What a great asset to the profession of Physical Therapy!"
Jul 30, 2019
"This place is the answer! Friendly but no-nonsense approach to helping your body function efficiently, without pain. I came to them living on eight Advil a day.......after a few sessions, I'm on no pain relief at all. Huge improvement - I love it!"
Jul 30, 2019
"AMAZING place and staff! Super nice and beyond helpful. I injured my shoulder and without this place, I'd still be in pain. Very recommended."
Jul 30, 2019